About Capt Mike &
Miss Edie

Captain Mike grew up farming, hunting, and fishing. He’s been a Licensed Charter Boat Captain on the Chesapeake Bay for over fifty years.

Captain Mike holds a Masters 100 ton Merchant Marine Mariners Credential, Issued by the US Coast Guard.

When he’s not fishing, he may still be on the water crabbing, oystering, gill netting, eel potting or doing something to put seafood on the table. When you fish with Captain Mike, you leave from the dock in his front yard because he refuses to live anywhere more than a few feet from the high tide line. He loves people and loves fishing. He gets just as excited as everyone else on the boat when a fish comes on board. Talking about the Chesapeake Bay, the Chesapeake Bay Waterman, environmental issues effecting the Bay, and local history are all topics he is well informed on and loves to talk about. It’s been said that he’s got salt water in his veins, fish on his mind, and that the fishing parties love him and the fish fear him. Captain Mike is all fish.

Captain Mike Cassidy

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Miss Edie

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Captain Mike likes to get an early start
The Miss Edie is a 38 foot, custom built Chesapeake Bay Deadrise commercial grade boat built for her purpose. She’s powered by a 430hp Cummins Diesel engine and cruises easy at 18 knots. She is equipped with modern electronics for safety of navigation and fish finding. She meets and exceeds all requirements of the US Coast Guard for your safety and comfort and is licensed for up to 6 passengers. The Miss Edie has plenty of cabin room with a head, hot and cold water, and a roofed deck to keep you cool on a hot day. She has good sea keeping ability should we encounter rough seas and a captain that takes safety very seriously.
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Fishing, like everything else with Captain Mike, is a family affair. My lovely wife Edith (better known as “Miss Edie”) will help you get booked, answer your questions, give you driving directions and generally help you in any way she can when I’m out fishing. My children and grandchildren have grown up on the boat and make the best First Mates you’ll ever have. They know how to fish and work hard to make sure you have a successful and enjoyable day on the water. We’re a family full of fishermen and seafarers.